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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does publishing a book cost?

The cost of sculpting stories depends on several factors including the length of the book, the vision of the author, the need for certain kinds of graphics and illustrations and the like.

How long does it take to publish a book?

At 99beagles, we strive effortlessly to ensure that our sculpting process is swift. However, the time taken to sculpt your story depends on a number of subjective factors like the length of the manuscript, the iterations needed from the author, edits required and proofreading. Based on this, the time taken to publish a book can vary.

How much involvement will be needed from my side in the publishing process?

While our team works relentlessly to transform your raw vision into a beautiful reality, there are certain approvals and discussions that might be required during various stages of publishing. Other than that, our team at 99beagles ensures smooth sculpting while working on your dream.

How will my book reach the intended audience?

One of the most gratifying moments for a writer is when the finished book finally is in the hands of the readers. We understand the value of that moment, and hence we try our best to market the book as a part of our marketing efforts post the publishing. This may include book launches and signing campaigns.

How long have you been into publishing?

While 99beagles is relatively a baby, we do have a 26-year old legacy in the world of books under the name of The Browser Bookstore. This gives us an edge over everyone as we’re well-aware of all the things we need to do to sculpt your story effortlessly.

Where can I use the graphic designs created by artists at 99beagles?

Designs and stories sculpted by our in-house artists can be in the form of a book cover, illustration or a social media advertising or marketing post. You can use it as you deem fit.

How much does it cost to get a design made?

While the creativity of our artists is priceless, the cost of graphic designing by them depends on the kind of project at hand.

How much involvement will be required from my side?

While we welcome continuous inputs, our in-house artists take the lead while sculpting your story in their designs after a brief discussion is done. However, once the sculpting is done, approvals are needed and that is where you’ll have to step in once again.

Why do I need graphic designing services?

In a fast-paced business world, there is a need to stand out from the crowd. Graphic design services help to tell the world your story in the most attractive and effective way. It draws people in through the artistry and enables conversions to take place. Hence, to make your story effective and impactful, graphic designing services are needed, for which we’re here for you!

How long have you been into graphic designing services?

We’re a relatively young but passionate team of artists. Individually, our team consists of experienced artists who go all out to sculpt your story, your way. Our graphic designers are young, enthusiastic and creative souls who thrive on thinking outside the box.

How long does it take to shoot and deliver a video?

While our video team are mavericks in getting things done swiftly, the type of video being created impacts the time taken to shoot it. Reels might take a short span of time, while interviews might take some time to shoot and deliver.

Do you add subtitles in your videos?

Yes, as a practice we do. For reels, the subtitles are automatically generated. For other formats, we add subtitles for better impact.

What does a client need to keep handy before coming to us for video content production?

This one’s easy. All you need to know is your budget, your target audience, your business details and what it is that you intend to achieve with the visual content. That’s all we need to discuss over a cup of coffee and our artists will get down to business!

What is the cost of production of a video?

This usually depends on the kind of set up one wants. If it involves a single camera setup, the cost is different and, if it’s a multiple camera set up, the cost would be different.

Why is audio-visual content important for a business?

Essentially, audio-visual medium is considered to be the most impactful in communicating a message to the target audience. The recall value is very high and, if the content is engaging, the value addition to the business also increases. Hence, AV content is extremely important for modern-day businesses to communicate, collaborate and engage their customers. .

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency leverages various online tools, tactics and strategies to ensure your business achieves its marketing and sales goals. An agency like 99beagles not only does that but also goes above and beyond to communicate with your target audience. They work as an extension of your brand and help you sculpt stories in the way your audience understands.

Do you offer short and long-term digital marketing services?

Yes. Though we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, 99beagles also offer short-term digital marketing services as well.

Do I really need digital marketing services?

Every brand or person who has a story to tell, needs for it to reach its targeted audience. But many get lost in the noise and the story never really reaches where it is going to create an impact. That is where digital marketing agency like 99beagles steps in. To simply put, yes, every business needs digital marketing as it will help it reach the intended audience and lead to conversions in the form of sales, traction and the like.

How much involvement will be required from my side?

As a literary and digital marketing agency, 99beagles steps in to sculpt your stories and convey them to your target audience. While we take ownership completely right from the start, there are times when you may need to give us insights into your brand or book’s story. Other than that, you can give us your inputs about the vision you have at any given moment and of course, what we sculpt warrants your approval. But, mostly, we take charge completely of bringing your story to life through our artistic team.

How do you measure results?

Using the analytical tools in each of the social media platforms, we record and report results of the digital marketing campaigns. Be it google analytics, Google ads manager, Instagram insights or Twitter and Facebook ad managers, our digital marketing team relies on these tools to measure results and report it back to you.